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Ohio MSN Programs

There are multiple great MSN programs in Ohio for those who are interested in pursuing a master's degree in nursing. Nurses who earn MSNs open doors to opportunities for more advanced nursing positions and higher pay. With a master's degree in nursing, one can work as an educator or administrator, or become certified in an advanced practice specialty. Earning a master's degree can make an already rewarding nursing career even more rewarding.

When comparing different MSN programs in Ohio, some things to consider are cost, the degree options available, and program format. There are many options, ranging from traditional on-campus formats to programs that are taught entirely online. Each of these options has both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the individual's personal preferences. It is important to evaluate all the options and choose that which best fits.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

Those who learn best in a classroom setting and enjoy the opportunity to interact with other students and with instructors in person, one of Ohio's on-campus MSN programs might be the best fit. These programs provide a more traditional learning environment, and requires students to travel to campus to attend classes at their scheduled times.

The University of Cincinnati, one example of an on-site program format, offers the MSN on site for the following specialties: Adult-Geriatrics Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational Health, Pediatrics Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, and Pediatrics Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Depending on the specialty, the MSN requires completion of 45-51 credits and 500-600 clinical hours.

Those who need flexibility in a master's degree program in order to balance working full-time, family life, or other obstacles, might benefit from an online format. Online MSN programs allow students to choose when they will complete classes and coursework, and there is no need to travel to campus. University of Cincinnati, a university in Ohio, is one program that has chosen to offer its MSN program online in order to cater to busy nurses and allow it to reach a larger audience.

The University of Cincinnati's online MSN program offers six specialty areas for students to choose from. These areas of study are Adult-Geriatrics Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Adult-Geriatrics Clinical Nurse Specialist, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse-Midwifery, Nursing Administration, and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

Another online program Indiana Wesleyan University offers another online MSN program that is available to Ohio nurses. This university offers the MSN MBA joint program online, as well as the MSN in the Nursing Administration and Nursing Education specialty tracks. Both of these MSN tracks have a curriculum that consists of 41 credit hours. The MSN MBA dual-degree program requires completion of 60 credits.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary by MSN program, but the following are common:

  • BSN from an accredited program
  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • Official transcripts
  • Current RN license
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal goal statement
  • Resume
  • Completion of undergraduate statistics course with a "C" or better


Tuition varies by program and often changes annually. Tuition for Wesleyan University's MSN program is approximately $21,320, and the about $32,760 for the dual degree program. Tuition at the University of Cincinnati varies by specialty area, and for residents and non-residents of Ohio.

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Other Schools with MSN Programs in Ohio

Malone College
2600 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, OH 44709
Cedarville University
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314
University of Cincinnati
2600 Clifton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
Mount Carmel College of Nursing
127 S. Davis Avenue
Columbus, OH 43222
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435
Kent State University
800 East Summit Street
Kent, OH 44242
Ursuline College - The Breen School of Nursing
2550 Lander Road
Pepper Pike, OH 44124
Lourdes College
6832 Convent Boulevard
Sylvania, OH 43560
University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft
Toledo, OH 43606
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44555

Ohio MSN Degree Prerequisites

Ohio nurses who continue their education and gain a Masters in Nursing (MSN) Degree are licensed by the Ohio Board of Nursing as either an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) or an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner(ARNP).

To enroll in a MSN degree program in Ohio, you must first become licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN). The most common Nursing Masters Degree curriculum in Ohio and across the US is the RN-MSN program. See our directory of Ohio RN to MSN programs

Those holding Ohio RN certification have most likely already earned their Bachelors in Science of Nursing (BSN) degree. This is typically a four year training program at a nationally accredited school of nursing.

Contact your school of choice to learn more about their specific MSN program prerequisites.

Ohio MSN Degree Areas of Specialization

In Ohio, there are typically four specific areas that MSN degree seeking students may choose to specialize in. These include:

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
  • Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Check with the Ohio Board of Nursing to learn about the about the legal authority the state of Ohio grants Advanced Practice Nurses(APNs) and Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners(ARNPs)in each particular area of specialization.

Online MSN Degree Programs

In Ohio, online nursing degree programs are increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the convenience of nursing distance learning programs. As long as the online MSN program is nationally accredited, earning your MSN degree online is accepted and honored by the state of Ohio.

Ohio MSN Degree Resources

Here are a few examples of MSN degree programs in Ohio.

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