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The Midwest is comprised of many different states, but perhaps none so memorable or impressive as Wisconsin. This state is a real tour de force in many ways. In terms of size, it is huge; in terms of size it falls in the top half of the other united states, and with a population of more than 5,700,000, it is also more densely populated than 30 other states. With so many people here, the home health care aid industry is thriving.

This dense population has led to rises in culture and activity in the states many bustling areas. Appleton, Fond du Lac, Eau Claire, Madison, and Milwaukee are just some of the great towns and cities in Wisconsin where people have formed great communities. There are many home health aide programs in Wisconsin that can train a person for a long and fulfilling career. Home health aides provide care and comfort to some of the neediest populations. Aging, sickness and the possibility of death are all difficult and the most stressful of times, and a good home health care aid is important.

Home health care aids make different amounts of money depending on their experience and seniority, and their duties. Overnight aids are likely to make more than day time aids as they are needed during off-peak times. A home aid can expect to make $8 to $14 an hour depending on what area they are working in and which duties they are performing. The longer an aid is with a particular agency, the more money they will make. They can expect to have full health benefits that are the best in the business, which is a big benefit to being a home health aide. Affordable health insurance is usually included with agency positions.

Although you may be able to practice as an aid without certification, it is safer for the patient and yourself to get the certification. You can protect yourself from the negative effects of such potential mistakes as using the wrong medication or dressing wounds wrong. In this business, mistakes can be deadly and at the least cause harm and pain. Certification from a Wisconsin home health aide certification program protects both you and your clients. Being a home health aide is a calling for some and Wisconsin has a strong need for skilled competent home health aide workers.

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