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What is a home health aide? Everyday living can become a challenge for someone who is aging or dealing with an injury or illness. When the activities of daily living become difficult, a patient may need to obtain the services of a home health aide. These professionals are not glorified housekeepers or maids. They are medical professionals with special training to help people get through common daily self-care tasks. Some of the things they help with include bathing, skin care, hair care, meal preparation, getting in and out of bed, and bathroom assistance. They do not generally do housekeeping and other similar tasks. If you want to explore this profession, you need to know more about how to become a home health aide in Virginia.

What does Virginia require of home health aides working within the state? In order to work as a home health aide in Virginia, applicants must meet certain criteria. They must have completed a nursing education course, be a certified nursing aide, be currently enrolled in a nursing program, or pass an evaluation of skills. Most home health aides work through a home health agency and that agency must make sure the aide has the proper training or certification. Many choose to take a nursing aide training course. Students learn how to help patients with dressing, bathing, eating, ambulation, exercise, safety, and documentation. With the completion of the training, students can then take the state exam for becoming a certified nursing aide.

Are there home health aide programs in Virginia? Most nursing aide education is undertaken by private companies using a curriculum approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing. This state approved curriculum includes working in the class room for two weeks, then doing skills labs for another week, before finishing up doing clinical hours the final week. With this training done, the student can take the state exam for certification.

What opportunities are out there for home health aides? Many students work through the company that gave them the training. However, with their certification, they can work for any home health aide company. Some nursing aides use their training to further their career in the nursing field. With the basic training of a nursing aide, continuing to the LPN and RN levels is that much easier. For those who choose to remain a nursing aide, the rewards are very rich. The first step in getting your job in this field is to find the right training program and going to class.

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