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Home health aides do a variety of routine tasks for their clients. Home health aides may work with many different types of patients including the elderly or the disabled. There is no official educational requirement for a job as a home health aide. If you're interested in learning about how to become a home health aide in South Dakota and home health aide programs in South Dakota, it's very helpful to first understand just what home health aides do. The duties in this profession are varied and can include preparing meals, doing shopping, sorting medications for the week, cleaning the house, assisting with personal hygiene tasks, and taking the client to appointments.

Home health aides usually work under the supervision of a certified nurse assistant. On the job training may be provided by a CNA to meet the state's requirements for a home health aide. South Dakota requires home health aides to have 75 hours of training and 16 hours of clinical training to practice alone. Some companies will provide this education on the job. A high school diploma or equivalent is usually the only requirement for a home health aide. Many aides go on to become a certified nursing assistant. Some training as a CNA is useful for a job as a home health aide.

If you're interested in continuing education for your home health aide job, the best option is to pursue a CNA program. These are available locally throughout the state of South Dakota. Some options include, but are not limited to: * Lake Area Technical Institute * Western Dakota Technical Institute * Avera Yankton Care Center * Bennett County Hospital and Nursing Home * Diamond Care Center * Colonial Manor * Cheyenne River Community Technology Center * Bethesda Home Inc. * Good Samaritan Luther Manor * Beverly Healthcare Your local department of health and nearby schools and technical colleges are good places to start looking for a CNA program.

If you enjoy helping others and have a gentle demeanor, a career as a home health aide may be the perfect choice for you. It's important to have good organizational skills and attention to detail in this job. You should also enjoy working with others. Interpersonal skills are extremely important. Many clients who work with home health aides don't have a lot of other company. Their aide will also serve as a companion, and some tasks may be as simple as enjoying a conversation together or playing a game of cards. In South Dakota, the average annual salary for home health aides is $24,050.

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