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If you are considering a career as a home health aide, you might be wondering all of the basic questions pertaining to a potential career field, such as what exactly does a home health aide do, how much do they make where you live, what is required for you to train to become a home health aide, and what room there is for advancement. These are all good questions to ask and know the answers to before you make a firm decision to enroll in a home health aide program. A home health aide, also known as a personal care aide, provides routine living and medical care to homebound patients. As of 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 955,220 people working in the home health aide field. The BLS predicts that job potential for this particular career will grow at a much faster rate than average with numbers increasing as much as 50% by the year 2018. Depending on where you intend to seek out work, the average annual salaries for a home health aide range from around $16,035 to as much as $31,113. The state average in Pennsylvania is between $8.19 and $13.95. Many people who go on to become RNs get their start in the home health aide field. Home health aide programs are plentiful in the state of Pennsylvania with the highest percentage of jobs being found in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown, relative to population would be Williamsport, Erie, and State College. When it comes to choosing the right program to fit your location, tuition, and other educational needs, you might consider one of several online HHA programs from schools such as Keiser University, Allied Health Institute, and Allied Schools. However, it is probably most wise to attend an on-site program such as those offered by Lincoln Technical Institute in Philadelphia and Allentown, and Anthem Institute in Springfield In Erie, Kingston, and Scranton you can attend the HHA program through Fortis Institute or the Kaplan Career Institute located in Broomall, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg. Do you live near Norristown? If so, you may find the program you need offered through Star Career Academy or by attending Delaware County Community College or the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, both of which are located in Media, PA. No matter which program you choose, gaining the education and training you need to secure a job that promises years of potential growth as well as job security is a decision you will be glad you made for a lifetime to come.

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