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How to Become a Home Health Aide in Oklahoma - Home Health Aide Programs in Oklahoma

Many people find that working in health care can be a rewarding career. A home health provides care to individuals in their own home. They help them with daily hygiene, getting dresses, household chores and many other tasks that the patient is unable to do on their own due to illness or condition. To become a home health aide in Oklahoma one must register with the state’s Nurse Aide Registry. There is a certification class to become a home health aide in this state. Oklahoma has a requirement of course completion in order to become certified to work as a home health aide in the state.

There are over 50 approved training locations in Oklahoma that offer the home health aide program. Most home health aides in the state have completed the required high school coursework in order to receive a high school diploma or they have completed their GED. They can take the required classes that teach about personal hygiene, taking vital signs, nutrition and disease control. These basic skills are required when an aide is working in the home of a patient.

To become a home health aide in Oklahoma, one can get certified by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice. This organization requires 75 hours of coursework, observation, training and passing the examination. There are certain skills that an applicant must show on the exam in order to pass. These skills include interpersonal skills, physical ability, mental or psychological abilities, organization and time management skills. In addition to showing these skills there is also a competency written test that is given to all applicants to this certification program. This is to ensure that all patients are given the best care possible by a capable home health aide.

The Oklahoma Nurse Aide registry offers a list of approved training facilities in order to become a home health aide in Oklahoma. Included in the list are technical schools, community colleges, state colleges, healthcare facilities and elder care facilities. Each of these approved training locations offer the required coursework and training that is needed to become certified. The applicant will need to submit to a criminal background check in the state of Oklahoma in order to be eligible for this career choice. The career outlook for a home health aide in the US is strong, and a larger than average growth is expected in this field, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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