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According to the United States BLS the number of home health aides needed over the next ten years will increase at a rate well above the national average. That's because the increasing population and the aging baby boomers will give rise to a tremendous need for home health care providers. These professionals give care to those patients who live at home but are in need of long term health care. Learning how to become a home health aide in New Hampshire is a process well worth undertaking and one that is much easier to complete than many people actually realize.

After graduation from high school the first step for becoming a home health aide in New Hampshire is to find one of the home health aide programs in New Hampshire. These are usually offered by community colleges, universities, trade schools, vocational schools, and more. According to City Town Info some of the best options include Keiser University, Independence University, and any of the various community colleges that are scattered throughout the state. It's important, however, that you take the time to ensure you're selecting a program that is fully accredited and approved by New Hampshire. Otherwise you may be wasting your valuable time.

In New Hampshire you'll have to gain certification. The National Association for Home Care and Hospice states that you'll have to graduate an approved home health aide program, complete five hours of training, complete a Skills Competency Checklist, and then pass the basic examination required by the Home Care University. With these steps completed you'll be able to gain certification in Home Health Care and will be one step closer to working in the field and helping those who need it.

Finally, getting registered with the state board of nursing is an important step as well. After that, finding employment should be a relatively easy process. Drug testing and background checks may be needed, but with the growing need for these professionals it should be no problem to find work and stick with it. It's also important to note that many who work as a home health aide in New Hampshire may actually be a LPN or other nurse. Their skills make it even easier to make the transition into the home health care field a simple one and they generally excel at their job when they enter the field.

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