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Home health aides in Massachusetts help make life much easier for the disabled, ill or elderly who require help with care in the home. They provide a very valuable service, because many would have to be in health care facilities otherwise. This gives the patients are better quality of life, and helps save the families a lot of money. There are several other care giving positions that a home health aide may qualify for in Massachusetts, with additional training. These include supportive home care aide and personal care attendant or personal care homemaker positions.

Home health aide programs in Massachusetts provide well-rounded instruction in patient care. Before students can be accepted into the program, they must pass a math and reading skills assessment. This helps ensure that they can understand directions and properly administer care. A CORI check is also required. Some training programs provide dual training for both home health aide and nurse assistant positions. This is done to help give graduates a larger pool of possible jobs to choose from. The skills taught include basic patient care, CPR and other first aid techniques, and professional skills that are essential to working for a home health agency.

To work as a home health aide in Massachusetts, you must undergo 75 hours of training. This may be taken as part of a 4-week or 8-week course. Community colleges offer some of the best opportunities for training, as well as Red Cross offices. In addition to training to help patients in homes, students also learn about providing patient care in hospitals and nursing homes. A certification is provided to home health aides. Once the certification is provided, graduates can find work with a home health agency.

There is an increasing demand for home health aides with an aging population. Many people with disabilities who live on their own, or parents of disabled children, find the services of a home health aide essential. Many schools offer placement assistance following graduation, often for a period of 90 days. Another position available to home health aides involves working for a home hospice program. Home hospice aides help provide compassionate care to the terminally ill in their own homes. They help the patients without everyday tasks, and help provide relief for family members. This is always a good position to keep in mind. All home health aides generally make $10 to $15 an hour.

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