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How to Become a Home Health Aide in Maine and Home Health Aide Programs in Maine

Home health aides are health care professionals who help people with activities of daily living in their home. Typically, a home health professional works in a person's home, but can also work in nursing homes or other scenarios. A common phrase in this profession is ADL, or activities of daily living. These tasks can include bathing, skin care, hair care, meal preparation, getting in and out of bed, and bathroom assistance. A home health aide also assists nurses with basic home health care tasks. For an aging population, the need for home health care professionals is growing. The need is expected to continue growing for the next few years. That is why many people want to know how to become a home health aide in Maine.

To learn how to become a home health aide in Maine, you will need to complete a certified CNA program. The CNA program typically involves a 150 hour program developed by the Maine State Board of Nursing. This program is a mixture of classroom, lab, and practical training. Classroom training involves anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and systems theory. Lab work looks at developing practical skills required in the home care setting. The practical training happens in area health care facilities under the guidance of instructors and nursing professionals. Upon completing the course, the student will take the Maine State Certification Exam. If the student passes the exam, they are placed on the Maine State Certified Nursing Assistant Registry.

So, where can you find home health aide programs in Maine? In order to meet the growing demand for home health aides, the course work is available in a variety of adult education facilities spread throughout the state. Some of the programs include the Crooked River Adult and Community Education Center, Lewiston Adult Education, and Merrymeeting Adult Education, among many others. Another way to earn this certification is through the Maine Medical Center's program offered in conjunction with the Portland Adult Education program. Most programs meet five days a week. Some are completely night programs. Others are day or day/evening combinations.

After completing one of the home health aide programs in Maine, the opportunities for professional advancement are quite numerous. The need for care in the home will continue to grow well into the future. It is also a good place for people who want to enter the nursing profession with practical skills. Many HHAs continue on to become LPNs or RNs.

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