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Home Health Aide in Hawaii How to Become a Home Health Aide in Hawaii

Home health aides have a very important task. Responsibilities of a home health aide typically include assisting the elderly and disabled with everyday tasks such as shopping, bathing, dressing, etc. These aides go into the homes of the patients, which provide each patient with a level of independence. An aide typically provides care to patients who are unable to care for themselves but are still self-maintained enough to not warrant the need for a nursing home. Becoming a home health aide in Hawaii can be very rewarding. The annual salary of a home health aide ranges between $17,000 and $14,000.

Home health aide programs in Hawaii allow interested individuals to enter the field of healthcare at an entry level position. The purpose of the programs is to prepare interested individuals for the working environment that taking care of a disabled or elderly person entails. Services offered by a home health aide may include assisting with medication, checking vital signs such as blood pressure, assisting individuals with medical equipment such as CPAP machines, and changing dressings. You can locate these programs through community colleges in Hawaii. Keep in mind, the program typically takes approximately six months to a year to complete.

Home health aides may be required to work under the close supervision of a licensed health professional such as a registered nurse. The first step toward becoming a home health aide in Hawaii is to complete a home health aide certificate program. To complete this program, you will be required to pass all immunization and health screenings. You may also be subjected to a criminal background check. Individuals must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. to obtain a certificate. Keep in mind that some programs may require the passing of an admissions test for you to receive your certificate.

Topics of study while enrolled in the home health aide program may include life support studies, medical terminology, healthcare basics, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and first aid. Courses typically take place in a classroom like setting. All students receive the knowledge required to properly care for elderly, disabled, and convalescent individuals in need. Aside from having a basic understanding of healthcare, individuals interested in becoming a home health aide must have the willingness to supply a caring attitude. You are a companion to the individuals you assist. Overall, you are providing individuals with an alternative to a traditional nursing home setting.

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