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A home health aide in Delaware can expect to benefit from a job climate where opportunities grow far faster than the national average rate for the next decade. Thanks to the demographics of Delaware, there will be more private citizens in need of home healthcare in that state than in many others; the average age of a Delaware native as of 2012 is 36, with more than sixteen major Delaware cities averaging 40 or more. Home healthcare is expected to experience a resurgence, particularly in large, aged communities like Wilmington. For these reasons, many are wondering how to become a home health aide in Delaware.

Home health aide programs in Delaware tend toward the informal. A Delaware home health aide can begin his or her career with minimal training from a community college or technical school, usually for a single year. Many home health aides are certified and trained as nurse's assistants, which provides some of the basic health knowledge that could be useful. Delaware Certified Nursing Assistant programs are available through a wide variety of for-profit and state universities. Many other options are also available; however, students should try to ensure that any online courses they take are relevant to the state of Delaware.

You will find that standards for Delaware home health aides are growing stricter with time. This is partially because of the growing importance of these professionals within the community. Recent legislation has made it more likely that home health aides will be subject to increased scrutiny before they are permitted to work with home healthcare agencies. This means that health aide workers who have any criminal past may not be able to achieve their intended position. Be aware of these changing professional conditions before you aim to become a home health aide in Delaware or in the surrounding states.

In Delaware, the median salary for home healthcare workers is about $20,000 per year. On the job training is available for most professionals. Most home health aides increase their professional potentials by continuing their education while working full time. As a home health worker becomes more specialized, he or she becomes familiar with the technologies that may be used in the home health setting, such as medical oxygen, mobility devices and equipment related to diabetes control. These skills position the home health aide to advance to medical technologist roles that may hold a median salary of $30,000 - $35,000 in Delaware depending upon specific training.

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