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How to Become a Home Health Aide in Colorado - Home Health Aide Programs in Colorado

While not really in the field of healthcare, the home health aide career is an important one. It is the home health aide who takes care of clients who can't really take care of themselves. Being able to hire a home health aide can help many people from having to put their loved ones in nursing homes. The home health aide will cook, clean, give medications, and spend time with the client while their loved one is away or at work. A home health aide can also be used during times of recovery where a client can't do many things for themselves and they really do not have anyone to help them on a regular basis during recovery.

Becoming a home health aide in Colorado is relatively easy. Most in the career only have their high school diploma or GED. Training is mostly provided on the job from others like nurses and occupational therapists. There are, however, some training programs offered through schools to help the home health aide on their path to getting the perfect job. These degrees are associate's degrees so it does not really take all that long to complete the program. Either way you go, you will likely make the same amount of money starting out. An associate's degree might bump you up a few cents on the hour, but that is not guaranteed. You will need CPR certification before working with clients as well.

When it comes to salary of home health aides in Colorado, they are about average. If you work in Colorado as a home health aide, you can expect to make anywhere from $18,000 to $25,000 a year. The exact salary amount will depend on several factors: the area you are working in, the company you work for, and level of experience in the field. Naturally, the longer you work as a home health aide, the more money you are likely to earn.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to being a home health aide is that you are likely going to be the only human contact the client has for long periods at a time. They will want to talk to you and interact with you. That means you will have to make time for them, even when you are busy doing other tasks for the client. The best home health aides are those who actually look at the client as a person and not just another client.

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