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DNP Programs in Alaska - Benefits of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

In the competitive healthcare field, many professionals say that the more education one has, the better. This is true when it comes to nursing due to the increasing demand for nurses with higher levels of education who can perform some of the duties of a physician. A Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is one way in which to earn these extra credentials. Looking into various DNP programs that are offered in Alaska is the first step to earning this degree.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Some examples of the types of courses that one could expect to take as part of these Alaska DNP programs include Health Policy, Advanced Health Promotion across Diverse Cultures, and Evidence-Based Practice. When comparing different DNP programs, it is important to look into what courses and specializations are offered. Some programs may have greater degree requirements and some may allow a student to have more control over which courses and electives he or she can take.

The main difference between the DNP and Phd is that the former focuses on clinical practice while the latter is research-focused. Thus, the DNP is a more practical degree for those who intend to work as an advanced practice nurse, or to pursue a career in administration or healthcare policy. DNP courses are geared toward strengthening clinical skills and learning to excel at and develop clinical best practices. Graduates of DNP programs are nursing leaders who have the ability to transform healthcare.

The duration of the programs varies, as does the number of credits required for graduation. Many programs can be completed either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Online Programs

Some programs are offered online, which presents a huge benefit to students who are working full-time. This is a great opportunity for those living in Alaska, since there are a limited number of colleges and universities in the state. Chamberlain College of Nursing's is one example of an accredited online DNP program. This particular program requires students to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in order to graduate. There are 4 practicum courses for a total of 500 clinical hours, and all students must complete a final project.

Admission Requirements

The entry requirements for DNP programs in Alaska will vary. Some programs ask that all applicants have completed an MSN, while others will have programs that allow nursing students to enter from RN or BSN.

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Alaska Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Programs (AK)

As of May 28, 2010, the state of Alaska does not currently offer a DNP degree program at any of their local colleges or universities. If you are a nurse seeking DNP certification, NurseGroups recommends that you research your distance learning/ online program options.

See the online DNP program section of this article for a link to one such program.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a post-graduate level practice nursing degree. A DNP focuses on the clinical aspects of nursing as opposed to working on medical research or teaching.

Due to the fact that most Alaska DNP degree seekers are working professionals, there are a number of flexible educational options available including RN-DNP (BSN-DNP) bridge programs and specialized programs for certified advanced practice nurses.

Alaska DNP Degree Prerequisites

In Alaska, nurses seeking DNP certification must already hold both BSN and MSN degrees. Being the final and most advanced degree offered to professionals in the nursing field, there is strict educational criteria. Since the DNP is a relatively new status in the profession, there has not been much national standardization of academic criteria. Therefore, it is essential for you to check with your Alaska educational institution of choice to find out what specific prerequisites they require for program admission. You can also check with the Alaska Board of Nursingto find out more about how Alaska recognizes DNPs.

Online DNP Programs for Alaska Nurses

Online education is also known as distance learning. As this level of certification becomes increasingly popular in Alaska, more and more Alaska higher learning institutions are offering their DNP programs online. This will make it far more convenient for current RNs to take the next step without having to sacrifice time on the clock or professional responsibilities.

Benefits of DNP Certification

There are benefits in Alaska to holding this advanced degree. Having a strong focus on advanced practice, leadership, and actual application of clinical research, DNPs are often depended on to fill the gap between doctors and nurses.

Also, Alaska nurses holding this certification are quickly becoming favored for parity with other health professionals when and where a doctorate status is required. This includes being called upon for involvement in advanced diagnosis, legal consultation, and highly specialized clinical research. With their focus on actual clinical application, DNP nurses are typically viewed as the most experienced.

As a nurse, earning a DNP degree will also foster enhanced leadership skills and the knowledge to deliver superior healthcare service to patients, which will in turn advance you professionally.

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