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Utah CNA Training

Currently, many businesses are struggling due to the sluggish economy, and that means that they're less willing to train people to attain certain positions. Anyone who is ready to start working toward a secure career but isn't sure where to start might want to think about taking Utah CNA classes.

Utah CNA classes are special training courses designed to prepare individuals for the career of certified nursing assistant. Although nurses and doctors are responsible for the major decisions revolving around patient diagnosis and treatment, they often depend on a core staff of medical assistants to help them carry out these tasks efficiently. Certified nursing assistants are responsible for recording patient histories, taking vital signs, preparing patients for treatment, and educating patients about how best to prevent injury and illness.

Becoming a CNA

In Utah, CNAs are required by law to have a valid Utah CNA certificate if he or she wants to work as a nursing assistant. However, he or she may work in a licensed nursing facility for 4 months as an uncertified nursing assistant. At this point, he or she must obtain certification or else become ineligible to work as a nursing assistant.

An individual must take the CNA evaluation within one year of passing an approved CNA training course. If he or she does not pass the examination in that time period, he or she must retake an approved CNA training course (80+ hours).

Renewing a CNA Licensce

CNA certificates must be renewed every two years. If a CNA does not pass the exam within one year of the expiration date on his or her certificate, he or she must retake an approved CNA training course. CNAs must prove that they have worked 200 compensated hours of nursing or nursing related duties under the supervision of a nurse in order to renew their certificates.

The Utah CNA examination consists of both a written and skills evaluation. The written portion consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. A passing grade on this portion is 75% or higher. During the skills portion of the test, the prospective CNAs are asked to perform a set of Vital Signs and Hand Washing, and perform 5 skills selected from the Skills Task Listing found in the Utah CNA handbook. Test-takers are given 20-40 minutes to complete the required skills.

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