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The North Carolina healthcare system currently needs more certified nursing assistants.
You can receive your CNA certification in as little as three weeks.

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It's difficult not to notice the toll that the sluggish economy is taking on towns and cities across the United States. Many people are out of work, and instead of being able to find similar jobs in other companies or organizations, they are confronted with a widespread hiring freeze as companies struggle to keep their doors open. In an effort to give themselves better career options, thousands of people are enrolling in North Carolina CNA classes so that they can become certified nursing assistants.

Certified medical assistants are specially trained to provide support for doctors and nurses on a daily basis. North Carolina CNA classes give students the skills and training that they need to take medical histories, record patient vital signs, answer questions about treatment plants, and educate individuals about things they can do to prevent injury and illness in the future. Most CNAs find jobs in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and public health care clinics.

Becoming a CNA in North Carolina

In order to become a CNA, or Nurse Aide, in North Carolina, an individual must pass at state-approved CNA training program. He or she must then pass the CNA competency exam. North Carolina does not list CNAs from other states by reciprocity. In order to be listed in North Carolina, the out-of-state nurse aide must complete a state-accepted training program and exam.

A CNA in North Carolina may renew his or her license every 2 years as long as his or her work meets the following criteria:

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