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Losing one's job is one of the most frustrating and scary experience that an adult can have in this country. For anyone who's ready to do what it takes to find a secure career that will allow them to provide for their loved ones, it might be time to think about going back to school. Those that enroll in New Hampshire CNA classes are able to gain the skills and knowledge they need to achieve secure jobs in the medical industry.

CNA training courses are specialized classes for those that want to become Certified Nursing Assistants.

Becoming a CNA in New Hampshire

In the state of New Hampshire, one can become either a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) or a Medication Nursing Assistant (MNA). In order to become an LNA, one must first complete a board-approved training program. Then, he or she must pass a competency exam.

An LNA can become an MNA by completing additional training that consists of 30 classroom hours and 30 clinical hours. In addition, the individual must have been an LNA for 5 years, having been full-time for at least 2 of them. The LNA must also be proficient in English and math and have an unrestricted license. The role of the MNA differs in that he or she is also authorized to assist the RN/LPN with administering medication to patients.

Renewing a CNA License

In New Hampshire, a LNA or MNA must complete continued competence requirements in order to be relicensed. Both must complete 12 continuing education hours. For an MNA, 4 of the required 12 hours must be related to the administration of medication. In addition, LNAs must complete 200 supervised hours in active practice as a nursing assistant or complete the competency exam within 2 years of applying. For MNAs, 50 of the required 200 hours must be spent in activities specific to MNAs.

A Nursing Assistant in New Hampshire must renew his or her license every 2 years in order to avoid becoming inactive.

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