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Working a minimum wage job might keep the bills paid, but it's not the best way to provide a secure future. For anyone who's not finding their job to be fulfilling, it might be time to think about going back to school so that they can develop the skills needed for a more advanced job.

Many business experts are saying that despite the uncertain economy, now is one of the best times to think about going back to school. Nevada CNA classes are an easy way for someone to advance their education and get on the path of having the job that they've always wanted.

Designed to accommodate those with only a high school education, CNA training classes are meant to help individuals achieve the designation of Certified Nursing Assistant. After achieving certification, CNAs are able to provide support services to doctors and nurses, and the patients that they see on a daily basis. They take medical histories, record vital signs, and help educate the patients about better health practices.

Becoming a CNA in Nevada

There are many types of individuals who may be added to the CNA registry in Nevada. These include:

  • Individuals who are licensed or certified in another state as a CNA. These individuals must submit:
    • A completed and signed application and payment for fingerprinting fees
    • A copy of his or her certification from another state showing an expiration date
    • A copy of a certification stating that the individual has successfully completely an approved CNA training program or a transcript showing that the individual has passed "nursing fundamentals"
    • Documentation showing that the individual has worked at least 8 paid hours as a CNA in the past 24 months
    • An endorsement form from the first state where the individual was licensed as a
    • Completed fingerprint cards
  • Individuals who have never been licensed as a CNA in Nevada or any other state. These individuals must submit:
    • A completed and signed application and a $50 fee
    • A copy of his or her certificate proving completion of a state-approved CNA training program, or a transcript verifying that the individual has passed a "fundamentals of nursing" course. The individual's training is valid for 2 years from the completion of the training program.
    • Documentation that the individual has passed the clinical and knowledge CNA exams
    • Completed fingerprint cards
  • Individuals whose CNA certificate has lapsed/expired. These individuals must have been paid to work for at least 40 hours as a CNA in any US state within the past 2 years. If the individual has not worked the required number of hours, then he or she will have to retake a board-approved CNA training program.

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