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The Maryland healthcare system currently needs more certified nursing assistants.
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The economy has been in a downturn for the past few years, and as a result, many industries are downsizing instead of expanding. People thinking about switching to a new career path are likely to find themselves competing against others with many more years of experience for the same entry level jobs. This is why so many people are going back to school so that they can gather the skills and education they need to be a competitive candidate. Someone seeking a job in the medical profession should learn more about the opportunities available to graduates of Maryland CNA classes.

Hospitals and nursing homes are finding it difficult to maintain full staffs of nurses and doctors due to the increased cost and amount of schooling necessary to earn these degrees. Therefore, nursing assistants have become a great way for medical professionals to make more efficient use of their time in the office.

Becoming a CNA in Maryland

The Maryland Board of Nursing requires nursing assistants to be certified in order to be employed in the state of Maryland. CNA is considered to be the base level of certification. Additional certifications which may be achieved on top of the CNA certification include Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), Certified Medicine Aide (CMA), and Dialysis Technician.

In order to be listed in the Maryland CNA registry, an individual must be at least 16 years of age and complete a CNA training program that has been approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

CNAs in Maryland must renew certification every 2 years. There is a $40 fee to renew.

Licensure by Reciprocity

If and individual is a CNA in another state and wishes to become certified in Maryland, he or she can apply for reciprocity as long as he or she is currently registered in another state and in good standing on that state's Registry.

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