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The Delaware healthcare system currently needs more certified nursing assistants.
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Experts predict that while many industries are in decline thanks to the current economic crisis, the health care industry is expected to experience marked growth over the next ten years. For anyone who wants to make sure that they're able to take advantage of this job market growth, it's important to start getting the educated as soon as possible.

CNAs are responsible for assisting doctors and nurses with their daily duties. Certified nursing assistants regularly work in nursing homes, mental health facilities, public health care clinics, and private practices under the supervision of medical professionals. In some cases, training for a career as a CNA can take place in the hospital that's offering the job, but most employers will only consider applications from those that have already earned their certification.

Becoming a CNA in Delaware

To become a CNA in Delaware, an individual must complete the required training in an approved CNA program, and pass Delaware's CNA certification exam. In order to be eligible to take the exam, a person wanting to become a CNA must submit an application and wait to be notified as to whether or not they will be allowed to take the exam.

Licensure by Reciprocity

If the individual is already a licensed CNA in another state, they made apply directed to be added to the Delaware CNA Registry if they meet the following conditions:

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