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The Alaska healthcare system currently needs more certified nursing assistants.
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Presently, people have access to better food, water, health care, and medicine than ever before in human history. Although the health care system is far from perfect, it allows people to live much longer and healthier lives. As a result, senior citizens are living longer before, and challenging the health care industry to devise new ways of dealing with the health care needs of advanced age.

Hospitals are in desperate need of doctors and nurses that can handle the increased demand, and in turn, these medical professionals look to the certified nursing assistant graduates of Alaska CNA Classes to help them provide care to as many people as possible.

Individuals who have never thought about the prospect of becoming a certified nursing assistant before should know that it is a diverse and challenging field that will allow them to work closely with medical professionals and members of the community that need their help.

Anyone who has always wanted to dedicate his or her life to helping people achieve a fuller, healthier life might want to consider starting to train for this career. It's also important to note that an individual does not need to have any formal medical training to enroll in Alaska CNA Classes.

Becoming a CNA in Alaska

In order to become a CNA in Alaska, an individual must pass the Alaska certified nurse aide state examination. To take this test, a prospective CNA must:

  • Have completed a certified nurse aide training program within the past two years.
  • Possess a nursing license (active or lapsed) from another US state or from a Canadian province.
  • Have completed a year or more of clinical and classroom nursing education from an approved US or Canadian nursing school within the past two years.
  • Have completed a US corpsman or medic training program and have served in the US military as a corpsman within the past five years.
  • Have completed a nursing program in a foreign country (other than Canada) and can prove they received a passing grade of an accepted English language proficiency exam.

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Alaska Board of Nursing
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Alaska Nurses Association

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