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The Massachusetts healthcare system currently needs more certified nursing assistants.
You can receive your CNA certification in as little as three weeks.

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Thanks to a sluggish economy that has been causing financial problems for over two years, many people are finding themselves out of a job and without any idea of how they will provide for their families. Business experts have been saying that those who aren't having luck in the job market should think about returning to school.

Anyone who has always been interested in helping people learn new ways to care for their own health and prevent illness in their families might want to consider Massachusetts CNA classes. These are training courses designed to help those that have graduated from high school hone skills so that they can provide support to medical professionals.

In hospitals, nursing homes, and other health institutions, there are doctors and nurses that are responsible for examining, diagnosing and prescribing treatments to patients. In this type of health care environment, nursing assistants will provide support to medical staff members by taking patient histories and vital signs, explaining treatments to patients, and educating families about how to prevent illness and disease.

Becoming a CNA in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, One must complete a state-accepted training program of at least 75 hours. After passing the course, he or she must take and pass a competency exam that is both written/oral and a skills demonstration. If working as a nurse aide, one has a 4 month grace period during which he or she can pass the competency exam. Once the exam is passed, the individual is registered on Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry.

A Nurse Aide in Massachusetts must renew his or her registration every 2 years.

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