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Why become an RN?

Sure, nurses make a huge difference in people's lives and are able to offer great advice to friends & family, but there's more:

  • Everyone respects nurses.
  • You can get your RN in only 2 years
  • On average, RNs makes more than $52,000.
  • RNs can specialize and make over $72,000.
  • Highly flexible schedules & job mobility.
  • More career advancement opportunities.
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Delaware LPN Training

In this economy, many people are struggling to find jobs that will allow them to provide for their families in the way they would like to. Without the right training, it can be difficult for an individual to find a job that he or she is qualified for. Anyone who wants a career that will allow them to feel proud of what they do for a living might want to think about the opportunities that are made possible by Delaware LPN training.

Delaware LPN training before is a specialized training course that is required to become a licensed practical nurse. Many people are familiar with nurses in health care settings, but they fail to realize that there are several different levels of nursing degrees. For someone who wants to work in the medical field, but doesn't want to have to wait through several years of training in order to start earning an income, becoming an can be a great option. Licensed practical nurses are responsible for providing a high level of bedside care to patients, and also help facilitate better communication between patients and busy nursing staff.

Becoming an LPN in Delaware

In Delaware, it is possible to become an LPN either by examination or endorsement. Delaware is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact. One who is licensed in a compact state can work in another compact state without additional licensure.

In order to become licensed by examination in Delaware, an individual must reside in either Delaware or a non-compact state. After completing the education requirement for licensing, one must pass the NCLEX.

Individuals in Delaware who wish to become LPNs are eligible to file an application by endorsement if all of the following apply to them:

  • He or she holds an active license in another US state or territory
  • He or she has never held a Delaware nursing license of the same type
  • He or she does not live in a nurse licensure compact state OR he or she lives in a nurse licensure compact state but plans to move to Delaware or a non-compact state

An LPN applicant in Delaware must:

  • Submit a completed, signed, and notarized application
  • Submit a check or money order to pay the processing fee, made payable to "State of Delaware"
  • Submit a copy of his or her driver's license or official identification card from the DMV
  • Submit a photocopy of his or her license from outside the state of Delaware
  • Complete the Authorization for Release of Information form to request a criminal background check
  • Provide proof that he or she was originally licensed as an LPN by examination
  • Provide a copy of his or her GCFNS certification if he or she graduated from a nursing program outside the United States

If an individual has been offered employment, but does not yet have an LPN license and plans to begin working before the endorsement period is over, he or she may apply for a temporary permit. An individual qualifies for a temporary permit if he or she is a resident of Delaware and is going to be employed in another compact state.

Renewing an LPN License

LPN licenses expire on February 28th of even years. In order to qualify for renewal, an individual must do the following:

  • Work 1000 hours in the past 5 years or 400 in the past 2
  • Complete the continuing education requirements

Additional Requirements

New graduates celebrate with their families at their nursing commencement ceremony.

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866 nursing students recently graduated in Delaware. Will you be next?

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Delaware LPN Resources

Like in other parts of the country, LPNs in Delaware work directly with patients, clients, and residents.

LPN duties include performing basic diagnostic tests, administering medication to patients, giving shots and injections, obtaining patients' vital signs, as well as many other important responsibilities.

As a Delaware LPN, you might specialize in obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery or psychiatry or another nursing specialty that interests you.

The Best LPN Schools in Delaware

By providing the most compehensive list of nursing schools, helps you find the best LPN programs in Delaware, including the best online LPN schools accepting students in Delaware.

Why Online LPN Classes?

Being a licensed practical nurse is a great career. But many working adults who want to become an LPN have an extremely busy schedule - balancing a full-time job, family commitments and other personal responsibilities. The traditional classroom setting offered by most local LPN schools doesn't offer the same flexibility as taking their LPN classes online.

Online programs allow students to fit their education into their already busy schedule - studying and taking exams when it's convenient for them. LPN students can access their online classroom 24 hours per day / seven days per week.

Also, taking LPN nursing courses online saves students even more time, as online students don't need to commute to school. Online schools enable busy people to get LPN training, without interfering with their current job and personal life.

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Other Schools that Offer LPN Training in Delaware

Del Technical & Community College - Terry
100 Campus Drive
Dover, DE 19901
Delaware Technical & Community College - Owens
18 Seashore Hwy
Georgetown, DE 19947
Del Technical & Community College - Stanton
400 Stanton-Christiana Rd
Newark, DE 19702
Delaware Skills Center
1300 Clifford Brown Walk
Wilmington, DE 19801
Delcastle Technical High School
1417 Newport Road
Wilmington, DE 19804

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