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San Francisco, California RN Programs

RN Programs in San Francisco, California

There are many RN programs in San Francisco for those looking to pursue a career in registered nursing. These include both associate's degree and bachelor's degree programs.

Once an individual has graduated from an approved nursing school, he or she must apply for licensure. One must pass the NCLEX licensure exam in order to be eligible.

ADN vs. BSN Programs

One can become a registered nurse with either an ADN or a BSN. For a full-time student, earning an associates usually takes two years and a bachelor's degree four years. The former allows one to finish school and begin a nursing career in a shorter amount of time, while the latter might lead to higher pay.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

Both ADN and BSN programs in San Francisco may be found online or on campuses around the city. Online programs are great for those who are busy with work and family life, as they provide increased flexibility.

On-site programs can also be beneficial, as students have an opportunity to network and interact with instructors and fellow students. For some, this face-to-face contact facilitates learning. Both online and traditional formats are likely to have a clinical component.

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