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Nashville, Tennessee LPN Programs

LPN Programs in Nashville, Tennessee

Although many people think that entering the medical field means years of schooling and a college education, this is not entirely true. There are jobs in the medical field that are extremely rewarding and do not require a college degree. One such career is licensed practical nursing. LPNs work under registered nursing providing care for sick, injured, or disabled patients.

Online vs. Traditional Courses

There are 2 major types of LPN programs in Nashville: traditional classroom programs and online programs. Depending on the schedule and location of the individual, one type of program may be a better match than another. He or she should look into all of the pros and cons before making a decision.

In a traditional Nashville LPN program, students are able to directly contact the professor with questions or concerns after class. While this personal attention can be beneficial, students do not have much flexibility in their schedules. They are required to be at the specific building that the class is in at whatever time class is held. This is not the case with online programs.

The advantage of online programs is that they can be completed from anywhere with an internet collection. This allows students to work from home and view lessons whenever is convenient for them. These classes also offer students the ability to turn in their assignments at any time of day, making it very convenient for working people.

After Completing the Training

Once an individual has completed an accredited LPN course, he or she must then register for and pass the NCLEX-PN in order to work as an LPN in the state of Tennessee.

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