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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma LPN Programs

LPN Programs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Practical nursing is a great career option for those just finishing high school and those already in the workforce and in need of a change. LPNs work side-by-side with RNs, physicians, and other medical professionals to care for patients. This is a rewarding career with opportunities to advance and continue education to pursue a higher level nursing role.

The first step in this career path is to choose from one of the various LPN programs in Oklahoma City. In order to be admitted, one must be at least 18 years of age and must have earned either a high school diploma or GED. In addition, he or she must present documentary proof that he or she is eligible to work in the United States.

It is important to make sure one chooses a program that is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, as this may affect his or her eligibility for licensing. The education program must have included care of adults, care of children, Maternal-newborn nursing, and psychiatric-mental health nursing.

Online vs. Traditional Courses

LPN programs in Oklahoma City may offer courses online or on-site, though all programs are likely to have a clinical component. There are benefits to virtual and classroom learning environments, so it individuals should choose the program which best fits their needs.

The advantage of taking classes online is that they can be completed anywhere and at any time. This increased flexibility is great for those who are employed full-time or have other obligations that make scheduling difficult. The advantage to courses taught in a classroom is that this environment provides opportunities for interaction with classmates and instructors.

After Completing the Training

After completing an approved LPN program, one must submit a licensure application and pass the NCLEX. He or she has a 2 year window following graduation in which to take the licensing exam before additional requirements must be met.

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