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Cleveland, Ohio LPN Programs

LPN Programs in Cleveland, Ohio

For individuals who want to begin working in the medical field but are not sure if they want to go to college might want to consider becoming an LPN. LPN stands for licensed practice nurse, and these nurses assist registered nurses with caring for sick, injured, and disabled patients.

Traditional vs. Online

Prospective LPNs in Cleveland have many different programs to choose from in order to get the training that they need to work as LPNs in Ohio. Students have to decide which learning environment best suits their learning and lifestyle: traditional classroom programs or online programs.

Students who take traditional classroom LPN programs are required to commute to campus for each class, and this can sometimes be difficult for some students. However, there are many benefits of enrolling in a traditional classroom program. For example, students in these classes have more direct access to the professor if they need to ask questions or received extra help. These students can also work alongside other students, which many find to be beneficial.

Students who do not live near an LPN program or who do not have time to attend classes would greatly benefit from enrolling in an online LPN program. Individuals enrolled in online programs can submit their assignments and take examinations on a much more flexible schedule than students in a traditional LPN program.

After Graduation

After graduating from an accredited LPN program in the state of Ohio, an individual must submit an LPN application and pay the $75 application. An individual who wants to work as an LPN must also submit:

  • Completion letter from the director of the program (or official transcript sent directly from the nursing school for non-Ohio graduates)
  • Criminal background check
  • Signed and completed affidavit
  • Foreign educated applicants: CGFNS CES Professional Report and passing score on the TOEFL
  • Non-Ohio nursing graduates: Proof of successfully completing a course on medication administration

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