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Why Become a Nurse Assistant?

The decision to become a nurse assistant is personal. However, some aspects to the job attract people. First, nursing assistants work directly with patients. When you think of the nursing profession, working with people is a big part of their job description. However, in reality, the LPNs and RNs often have to handle the medical side of patient care, more than the personal one. They rely on their nursing assistants to help the patients with personal care. The nursing assistants can build personal relationships with patients. Those relationships are important for monitoring patient behavior and changes.

Nursing assistants are an integral part of patient care. Personal care is essential for successful medical outcomes. With so much paperwork and technical priorities, the RNs and LPNs do not have the time to devote to that personal care. That is where the nursing assistant is essential. Not only does the nursing assistant provide personal care, they are the eyes and ears for the other medical staff. They will notice if patients are not acting normally. They can detect changes in physical, emotional, or mental health due to the personal care they provide. Those changes are often the first signs of trouble. Catching them early can make a big difference.

Nursing assistants can work in a variety of medical situations. Many nursing assistants work in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. They help people who are no longer capable of helping themselves. However, it is not the only option for the nursing assistant. Many choose to work for home health care agencies. They come into people's homes to help with personal care when that person cannot do it. The elderly often need a bit of help with personal care. Those undergoing long-term at-home rehabilitation also need help, as do some people with permanent disabilities. Nursing assistants also can work in daycares and schools providing basic first aid and helping prevent medical issues.

Many find that working, as a nursing assistant, is a good way to remain employed while obtaining a higher degree. Some find the work of a nursing assistant to be rewarding. However, others see it as the start of a career in the field of nursing. They work to get their CNA certification first. Then, with additional training, they become an LPN. After that, the option to become an RN is there. It is a challenging position with a great deal of potential.