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Why Become a Nurse?

If you ask any nurse why they chose the profession, the answers would likely be different from one nurse to the next. It is truly a personal decision. Moreover, in reality, there are many reasons to become a nurse.

• Altruism is one. The term altruism covers many aspects of the nursing profession. It means you want to make a positive contribution to someone's life. You want to do something that matters in the world. You can help alleviate pain and suffering in your fellow man. You want to help patients and their families handle the problems and find hope in the situation.

• Education is another reason to become a nurse. Many of those in the nursing world started out as certified nursing assistants with only a few weeks of training. However, the world of nursing truly opens up as you gain more education. You can get your RN with an associate's degree. You can get a BSN with another two years of school. There are master's programs and doctoral programs for those who want to go to a higher level of education. It is also possible to turn around and educate future nurses as a nurse educator.

• Rewards are a big reason for choosing nursing. Each day brings hope that a patient will get better. You get a feeling of pride when you see your efforts paying off. A nurse can truly change lives with their care. As you become more experienced, you will gain a great appreciation of your own knowledge. You can see others benefitting from that knowledge every day.

• Career options are another reason to consider. Nurses are not optional in today's world. Many find they can find work just about anywhere they move. You can find a job that works with your schedule. As you increase your education and experience, the opportunities continue to open up. You can go from acute care to critical care. You can work with children or the elderly. You can choose to work with a specific specialization. Very few nurses say they live a boring life.

• Working with people is another one to consider. You work with patients and build a personal relationship with them. You work with other medical professionals who care about their patients just as much as you do. You can educate people on preventing problems and handling existing ones. You work as part of a dedicated medical team. You can mentor younger nurses as they rise through the ranks.