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Which Nurses Make the Most Money?

Because of the wide variety of positions available for qualified nurses in today's hospitals and clinics, the amount of money that a nurse can expect to make will depend greatly on a number of different important factors. Perhaps the most crucial thing to consider when determining which nurses make the most money, is the level of training that a nurse has. The highest paid nurses are generally nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and certified registered nurse anesthetists. Of these three groups, certified registered nurse anesthetists are generally the highest paid. Aside from being responsible for the administering of anesthesia during a surgical procedure, CRNA's can also be found performing physical assessments as well as monitoring patients after a procedure.

In order for a nurse to position herself to earn the highest wage available, she must first earn at least a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, or BSN. This type of degree will require an individual to complete coursework in a range of subjects including microbiology, anatomy, pathology, chemistry and physiology. A BSN is almost always considered to be a prerequisite for anyone interested in attending nurse anesthesia school. Of course, there are some schools that will accept a different type of degree if it is considered to be appropriate for the training that the nurse is interested in receiving.

A registered nurse who has received an additional certification or license in a specialty can also expect to make more than those who have not. There are a variety of specialties that a nurse can choose to pursue ranging from pediatrics to oncology and even orthopedics. A specialized skill set will put a nurse in a better position to earn more money and will also make it easier to find employment since skilled nurses are in high demand in virtually every corner of the country.

In addition to education, work experience is also an important factor when it comes to earning as much money as possible. A nurse has experience in a critical care unit, emergency room or operating room will often be paid more than those who do not. Another thing to factor in is the fact that geographic location can play a large part in determining how money a nurse can expect to earn. Nurses who work in rural communities may not make as much as those who find employment at a hospital in a large urban environment. On average, nurses can expect to earn anywhere from $40,000 year $225,000 year depending on the circumstances discussed here.