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What is a Volunteer Nurse?

Most people have heard of volunteer firefighters and even volunteer policemen, but did you know that there are also volunteer nurses? Yes, there are volunteer nurses. You may be wondering why anyone who spent all that time getting a nursing degree would just volunteer their time and services instead of getting paid for them, but volunteer nursing is a very rewarding job. Most volunteer nurses also work in paid positions, so it is not as if they are never making any money. It is just that they use some of their free time to help those who are less fortunate.

There are many different ways in which a volunteer nurse can be utilized. First of all, volunteer nurses can be used on a more local level helping out at free clinics in the city where they live. Volunteer nurses also are used in schools and in after-school places for children who get hurt or sick before their parents can pick them up after work. Volunteer nurses also find themselves helping out with free seminars to help educate the public on health issues and illness prevention in addition to family planning needs and concerns. There are many crisis pregnancy centers that have volunteer nurses on hand to help with any questions that young teens have about their pregnancies.

Volunteer nurses also help out in times of disaster. When there is any type of bad storm like a hurricane, tornadoes, floods or snow storms, volunteer nurses can be depended on to help treat the wounded wherever they are. These volunteer nurses have a strong passion for nursing and helping people, so the fact that they are not getting paid does not matter to them. They just want to help as much and as many people as they can. There are never too many volunteer nurses to help in disaster zones.

Many volunteer nurses work close to home, but some of them find themselves going to other countries on sort of mission trips. These are usually for an extended period of time, so they are away from their paying jobs during this time. Most volunteer nurses go to other countries for at least a week, but many go for even longer. There are many countries out there that need good quality healthcare, but they can’t afford it. Thanks to people like volunteer nurses, they can get the healthcare that they so desperately need.