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What is the Role of the Nurse in Charge?

For many nurses in hospital and doctor’s office settings, their career goal is to become the nurse in charge. The charge nurse has many responsibilities in the medical facility. The most important function that the charge nurse serves is that they oversee every single nurse that works in the medical facility. This is definitely not an entry-level position and requires many years of nursing experience in order to qualify for the job.

The nurse in charge has a more administrative role than all of the other nurses. The charge nurse will oversee paperwork and interact more with the families of the patients than, perhaps, most of the other nurses will. It is a professional job and most charge nurses wear business casual clothes to work instead of scrubs like the other nurses do. The nurse in charge must be able to multitask as they will be in charge of many different things and have a lot of tasks that need to get done on any given day. The nurse in charge serves as the public face of the nursing department. It is the nurse in charge who gives presentations on the nursing department and things that are needed in order for the nurses to do their jobs the most effectively.

It is also important for the nurse in charge to stay up to date on any advancements in the field of nursing and help their nurses with any new procedures that may come up. Many nurses in charge find it a good idea to do seminars in order to help their nurses stay current on emerging nursing practices and the different technological advances that pop up. In this respect, the nurse in charge will spend a good deal of time doing research on all of the new machines that the facility will be acquiring so they can help their nurses better understand how to work them.

Another thing that the nurse in charge does is provides a support system, not just for the patients and their families, but also for the nurses. All of the nurses need someone they can look to for help and guidance should anything happen on the job. The charge nurse must be understanding, patient and compassionate with the patients, the families and with their nurses. A kind and caring nurse leader is a very good and effective leader, so while you do not want to be a doormat with anyone, you also can’t be too mean either. Finding the perfect balance between compassion and strictness is something every charge nurse should strive for.