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What is a RN's Workplace Setting?

Registered nurses can work in many different workplace settings. Almost 60% of RNs work in a hospital. Registered nurses are the backbone of many hospitals. They work in every department within the building. Some nurses provide general care to patients in the different wards. Others specialize in specific areas like emergency room care or neonatology. Nurses often staff administrative positions as well. The role of the registered nurse continues to change and evolve as the medical world changes. What an RN did 30 years ago is different from what they do today. However, the basics never seem to change. Providing patient care and having compassion is essential. Making sure the patients have the education they need is also necessary. It is all part of being an RN.

Some registered nurses work in doctor's offices. Doctors depend on their nurses to handle much of the patient care. The nurses make sure the doctor's orders happen. They coordinate taking blood and other samples and sending them to laboratories. They verify accurate recording of test results and make sure patients have the information they need to continue at home. Many times an RN has to work with patients calling in to prioritize their symptoms and appointments. With doctors under pressure to see more patients in a given day, more and more work shifts to their RNs.

RNs can also work in a home health care setting. Many people come home after spending time in the hospital, nursing facility, or rehabilitation facility. They still need an RN to come in. In these situations, the RN can give medications, assess the patient's condition, change dressings, take vitals, and make sure the recovery is going well. The RN can also do basic care duties and handle patient hygiene. Most home care nurses like the ability to work in various environments and like to work with more independence than they would in a doctor's office or a hospital. They are also the first line of defense against unexpected complications.

Other work place settings for registered nurses include ambulances, helicopters, airplanes, hospice, and nursing facilities. These different environments make the RN profession quite interesting for those who want to work outside a hospital or doctor's office. It often requires taking special training and earning certifications. Despite the differences between the work environments, the nurses all need to bring basics in patient care and a dedication to the job.