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What is a Registered Nurse?

There are many different types of nurses and it can sometimes be confusing as to which nurse is which and what each nurse does. There are different levels or nurses and there are different types of tasks that each nurse at each level can do. The entry level nurse and the CNAs, or certified nursing assistants, and the LPNs, or the licensed practical nurses. The next level is the registered nurse, or more commonly known as a RN. A registered nurse is the type of nurse that makes up the majority of the nursing field. Even though there are so many, they play a crucial role in the medical field.

To become a registered nurse, many years of schooling are needed. The amount of school needed will vary from state to state and program to program. There are 2 year programs and there are 4 year programs. The two year programs have the nursing student graduating with an Associate’s degree and a 4 year program will have the nursing student graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. A program that has the nursing students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree is the programs that are most preferred by employees. A 4 year degree shows that the student has more in depth and more hands on training when compared to other programs.

The main role that a registered nurse plays is to help with the care of their patients. Even though the scope of medicine that a registered nurse can perform is limited compared to that of a doctor, the nurses are still there throughout the entire treatment process and they are who the patients seem most often. The registered nurse helps individuals, families and group achieve health and they help to stop the spread of disease and help to control and current diseases. The registered nurse plays many role, many of which the patients never get to see.

Much schooling and education is required for someone to become a registered nurse. There are many programs out there that an interested student can look into and which program is chosen will determine many things. It will determine where the student will be located, it will determine the challenging nature of the program and it will determine what type of nurse the student will become. By working hard, leaning everything that is being taught and applying that information, a nursing student will do well in their program and will be a better nurse because of it.