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What Qualifications Does a Pediatric Nurse Need?

There are many types of nurses and there are many specialties that a nurse can specialize in. Which specialty is chosen will vary from nurse to nurse and will vary depending on the career goals that the nurse has. One of the most sought after specialties is with pediatrics. Pediatrics is the specialty that works with children. Children are dealt with on a different level than adults are dealt with. The nurses who work with children are not there by chance. All of them have worked hard to get there and deserve to be working with the children.

The first thing that a pediatric nurse needs is a nursing degree. All nurses, no matter what level they are at, need a degree of some kind. An entry level nurse can have a degree in as little as one year where as the top level of nurses will take up to eight years to complete their schooling. The type of degree that a pediatric nurse will obtain will depend on their goals and what they want to do with their careers. There are steps in the nursing ladder and each level has their own qualifications that need to be met to achieve that level.

For a pediatric nurse to be able to work, the nurse needs to take the NCLEX exam. This exam is the National Licensure Examination administered by the board of nursing. This exam is administered in every state and the rules and regulations will vary some from state to state. Once this test is taken and passed, the nurse will then be licensed and will be able to look for work. Most nurses will go on after being licensed to become certified. Being certified is like a backing the nurses have that shows everyone they are up with their skills and their ability is strong.

A pediatric nurse is one who works with children. The basic steps that every nurse needs to take involve getting an education, getting licensed and becoming certified. These have to be done in a certain order and will not happen overnight. To work in pediatrics, the nurse needs to love children and needs to know how to relate to them. Working with children can be harder than working with adults as children are easy to relate to and they are easy to become emotionally attached to. Pediatric nurses are able to relate to children and give them the best care possible.