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What Qualifications Do I need to become a Nurse?

Becoming a nurse is a decision that is not made lightly. Not everyone has the ability, and the stomach, to work with sick and dying people every day. For some people all of this is too sad and too emotional to watch and to deal with. But for the people who have a calling to help others, nursing may be the field for them. There are many different types of nurses and which one someone becomes depends on the amount of schooling they would like to do. The more schooling a nurse has, the higher their qualifications, the better their skills, the more tasks they can perform and the more money they can make.

The decision to become a nurse is personal, a professional and an educational journey. Before anyone even applies to a nursing program or looks up any of the school criteria, a person first needs to look at themselves. A nurse needs to be patient, a nurse needs to be compassionate, a nurse needs to be a self starter and a nurse needs to be able to work both independently and as part of a team. The medical field is both demanding and is very trusting. The nurses have to be able to trust the doctors and the doctors need to be able to trust the nurses.

There will be schooling involved for anyone who wishes to become a nurse. The amount of school needed will be determined by the type of nurse someone wants to become. The least amount of time is about a year and the longest amount of schooling needed will be around eight years of school. The preparation for nursing school begins in high school. The grades one achieves in high school will help them get into the college and the nursing program of their choice. The better their grades, the more opportunities that will be available for them.

The nursing world is very demanding and is very tough in every sense of the world. The medical field is not for everyone but for those who feel drawn to it, there are many chances and ways to be productive and successful. The qualifications to become a nurse are both personal and professional. A person needs to have goals set for themselves and needs to know what they want from themselves. By knowing all of that, the hard work required to become a nurse will be worth it.