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What is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced training. A nurse practitioner goes to school for many years and will obtain many degrees along the way. Towards the end of the schooling, nursing students need to pick a specialty and one of those specialties is pediatrics. Pediatrics is the field that focuses on babies and children and is a very intense and demanding field. Not everyone can work in pediatrics but for those who can, the specialty is very rewarding and varies from day to day. A nurse practitioner who works in the field of pediatrics is able to do many things with their patients and some of those duties are the same as what a physician can do.

A registered nurse is a nurse who has at least a 2 year degree in nursing. Most registered nurses have 4 year degrees since this is the degree that is most preferred by employers. To become a nurse practitioner, an advanced degree is required. This can either be a Master’s degree or a Doctorate degree. These degrees will take 1-2 years to complete. The school for a nurse practitioner is the same for a registered nurse with the addition of the advanced degree.

While in school, the nursing student would choose a specialty. A nursing student who would like to work with babies and children would focus on pediatrics while they are in school. They would do a few rotations in pediatrics. Some of those rotations may even be at different hospitals or facilities. The most serious pediatric nursing student would seek out any and all information about pediatrics and would do their best to learn as much about pediatrics as they can. While in nursing school, the student will have many opportunities to work in their field. The dedicated students will take advantage of that.

A pediatric nurse practitioner is a nurse who has many years of training in both nursing and in the field of pediatrics. A pediatric nurse is one who works will with their patients and has the knowledge to be able to both treat those patients and counsel families as to the best course of action for the patient. Not everyone is cut out for pediatrics as children need to be dealt with differently than adults. For those who have the calling to be a pediatric nurse practitioner, there are many opportunities and the job can be very rewarding.