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What is a Pediatric Nurse?

There are many different types of nurses available in a medical setting. The type of nursing specialty that a nursing student will go into will vary greatly from person to person and will vary according to the strengths and weaknesses of a person. One of the specialties that a nurse can be involved in is in pediatrics. Pediatrics is the specialty that focuses on the health and well being of children. Working with children is very different than it is to be working with adults. The way the children are handled and dealt with will vary as well as the types of treatments and medications that are administered.

Working with children is not for everyone. The best pediatric nurses have the ability to be patient with children and also have the ability to make the children feel safe and secure no matter what the concern or condition is that has the child in to be seen. Children scare easily and a good pediatric nurse will be able to do their job as well as keep the children calm and cooperative throughout the entire course of treatment. Watching children come in day after day being sick and have many illnesses is not easy to watch but nurses make their stay a bit easier.

To become a pediatric nurse, there will be schooling involved. The length of schooling will depend on the type of nurse that the student wishes to become. The shortest amount of time a student will be in school is roughly one year. With this schooling, the student will be able to perform routine tasks and give maintenance care to their patients. There are longer and more in depth programs available for nursing and these offer students the ability to be able to perform more tasks and be much more involved in the care of the patients.

Becoming a pediatric nurse does not necessarily require more schooling or more time to be in school. While in school, all students will be exposed to a variety of specialties. The students who wish to be in pediatrics will do the initial rotation and can then request more if that is the area where they would like to specialize in. Being a pediatric nurse is very demanding and can be very tough since children are involved. For the right person, pediatrics can be very rewarding because they get to work with and help children every day.