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What is a Nursing Forensics Career?

A degree in nursing forensics will allow you to pursue a variety of different careers involving forensic nursing. When you become a forensic nurse you will be able to pursue a variety of different nursing career opportunities. Forensic nursing will allow you to fill roles in the medical examiner's office, social service agencies, law enforcement agencies, specialized hospital units and in a variety of other settings. Forensic nurses can work with detectives and police officers and may also treat the survivors of abuse, crimes, accidents and assaults as needed. Forensic nursing careers are distinct from other types of nursing career opportunities.

Nursing forensics is one of the industry's newest forms of nursing and it is recognized by the ANA, which is the American Nurses Association. This relatively new field creates a distinct combination between the judicial system and the health care profession. Because this specialty is relatively new and quickly growing, there are a great number of opportunities for any nursing graduates or experienced registered nurses that are looking for a change in their careers. Forensic nursing is more than just nursing as it involves investigative sciences as well as victim advocacy in addition to your standard nursing experience and expertise.

Forensic nurses may be summoned to a crime scene or to an accident so that they can work directly with detectives. They may be asked to collect evidence, to take blood samples or to take tissue samples. Nursing forensics allow nurses to treat assault or accident survivors as well as victims of abuse, negligence or other violent crimes or events. The nursing forensic career is a fast paced career that is distinct and exciting. Typical workplaces for people working in this industry include hospitals, independent practices and law enforcement agencies.

The nursing forensics industry is divided up into a number of smaller specialties. If you want to get an education in nursing and forensics there are opportunities available for you to choose and focus on a specialization. For example, you may decide to be a forensic nurse investigator, a death investigator or a sexual assault nurse examiner depending on your particular interests. These are just three of the numerous specialties that are available to you as a forensic nursing student. When you choose a specialty it will allow you to fine tune your education so that you can meet specific needs in the forensic nursing industry.