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What is a Nurse Practitioner?

There are a many different types of nurses and telling the difference between all of them can be tricky. A nurse can be a CNA, or a certified nursing assistant, a LPN, or a licensed practical nurse, a RN, or a registered nurse, and a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is the highest level of nursing education that can be obtained by a nurse. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse that has special training to perform more advanced tasks. Some of those tasks are some of the tasks that a physician can perform.

To become a nurse practitioner, many years of schooling is needed. Graduate levels of education resulting in either a Master’s or a Doctoral degree are required. To be able to get that Master’s degree or that Doctoral degree, a Bachelors degree first needs to be obtained. Many schools all over the country have 4-year nursing programs. Nursing programs are very selective and many of them only select a certain number of students each year. This is mainly due to the demanding program and the needs of the curriculum. Due to the selective nature of many of these programs, many of these programs can be very tough to get in. To help up your chances, do well in every course you take. This includes high school and college.

A nurse practitioner can work in many specialties. Some of the more popular specialties are family practice, pediatrics and gynecology. While in nursing school, a nursing student will be exposed to many different specialties and most will be drawn to a certain specialty. The schooling exposes them to many different specialties so they have a feel for other specialties in case they need to work with them as well as getting them accustomed to how different departments work. By the time school is over, a specialty needs to be chosen. The specialty chosen will determine what type of facility a nurse practitioner will be working in.

A nurse practitioner will be able to perform many tasks. Their schooling will have prepared them to treat patients, diagnose patients, prescribe medications and assists physicians when working with patients. In addition to working with patients, a nurse practitioner will have to be certified and accredited through a national board. This certification shows that the nurse practitioner has the skills and the ability to perform their duties and that the board backs the nurse practitioner in what they do.