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What is a Nurse Entrepreneur?

There are many different types of nurses and there are many different fields that a nurse can work in. The most common facility for a nurse to work in is by working in a hospital, medical facility, a clinic or in a nursing home. For some nurses, this is not enough for them. Some of them want to branch out and be able to do their own thing through the field of nursing. There are a few different ways that a nurse can go into business for themselves and still be able to make a good living.

One of the most common ways for a nurse to go into business for themselves is through a staffing agency. The nurse will contract other nurses out to positions where there is a shortfall of nurses. The staffing nurse will make a commission off of where the nurse was sent out to and this is how the business of nurse staffing works. The staffing nurse can also take advantage of the staffing positions and go on a few different jobs on their own. For a nurse who works with staffing, this type of business will be less about the medical field and more about working with other nurses to get them into positions they want to be in.

For the nurse who wants to have their own business and still stay in the nursing field, some nurses look to do in home care. This can be done in a few different ways. They can have one or two clients that they mainly look after on a full time basis. They spend a lot of time with these patients each day making sure all of their needs are taken care of. Or they can have more patients who are less critical and see them less often.

Another way for a nurse to be in business for themselves and still stay in the nursing field is to become a certified legal nurse consultant. By doing nurse consulting, a nurse will work with legal firms to help out with cases that involved medical records. Lawyers are not trained on how to read all medical records and by having a nurse consultant available to them, the nurse can help them go over and understand everything that is in the medical records. By going this route, a nurse can stay involved in the nursing field and yet be out working for themselves.