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What is a Nurse Case Manager?

In order to better understand what exactly a nurse case manager is it is important for an individual to realize that the duties of one individual may be drastically different than those of another at a different facility even if they have the same title. There are a wide range of specialties for nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists who have received their Masters in nursing degree. There are also nursing specialties available for those who have not received a Masters level education in many of the duties that these individuals are responsible for will depend greatly on where they are employed.

One type of management position that a nurse may have is that of a healthcare administrator. These individuals are responsible for developing management systems that are efficient and comprehensive. In order to qualify for one of these types of position an individual will need to have excellent decision-making skills and a comprehensive knowledge of organizational design, strategic planning, health care policy, information systems and possibly even marketing. This is a very specialized skill set that not many individuals have but it is also generally a fairly high paying position that can be very rewarding for the right person.

A nurse administrator or nurse manager is an individual who assists the nursing staff in a hospital or clinic by providing high-quality care to the patients therein. Nurse administrators are responsible for making sure that there is adequate staff on hand for each shift and by managing the supplies and budget of their department effectively. These individuals can often be found working in hospitals, long-term care facilities and a variety of other healthcare agencies. The education requirements for one of these positions will depend on the facility where they are employed and the level of experience that they have.

A nurse case manager is an individual who is responsible for ensuring that patients are receiving high quality care that is also efficient and cost-effective. This is especially true when dealing with patients that are moving from one area of a healthcare system to another. A nurse case manager will most likely responsible for the care of adults, families, children as well as the elderly, individuals with cardiovascular disease and AIDS patients. Although these types of positions may not be ideal for everyone, nurses who have excellent medication and organizational skills can find a high-paying job that is rewarding and fulfilling in a variety of different settings.