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What is a Good Score on the Nurse Entrance Exam?

For anyone wishing to become a nurse, there will be many tests that need to be taken. The tests will begin in high school before nursing school is even thought of. Those tests will give the grades that colleges and programs will look at to see if you will be admitted. Once you are in a program, you will be given tests all along the way to see how you are doing with the material. Once the course is completed, there will be a test to get a certification and a license so you are able to get a job.

One of the most important tests that any nurse will take is the entrance exam for any nursing program. These exams may vary from state to state but the overall effect is the same. These tests will determine if any student is ready for the courses and the pressures that come along with any nursing program. After the exam is taken, a score will be given. That score will let you and the testing agency know where you stand amongst everyone else who is looking in to the nursing program.

There are two ways of scoring these exams. Some go off of percentages and others go off of a tally score. The most common way these tests are scored is percentage based with 100 being the highest percentage. The HESI Exam, also known as the Health Education Systems, Inc. Exam is the entrance exam that is more often used. This test can be thought of along the same lines as the SAT exam or the ACT exam. There are different sections to the test and each section is tallied. All of the sections are then collected and a total score is given.

The scoring system of percentages is like all that are used in any competitive setting. A score of 70-79% is a score on the lower side and help is needed before entrance to any nursing program will be granted. A score of 80-85% is a decent score but some help is still needed. A score of 85-90% is a good score falls in the average range. A score of 90% and higher is a very good score and is above average. The outcome of your exam will determine if you are ready for nursing school or not and will also tell you which areas you need help with.