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What is the Function of a CNA in a Hospital Vs Nursing Home?

There are many different levels of nursing from the most basic to the most educated. Even though each level of nursing requires a certain level of schooling, each level is sought after and respected in their own way. This is true for Certified Nursing Assistants, also known as a CNA. A CNA can be done with their schooling in a year’s time and can begin working soon after. The schooling for a CNA, while does focus on the medical aspect of the job, spends a lot of time focusing on the people skills side of the job as well.

A CNA will work in one of two areas. One of those areas is a hospital while the other area is a nursing home. In a hospital setting, a certified nursing assistant will work in all specialties. A certified nursing assistant will most likely be the one who spends a lot of time working with family and friends of sick patients. The CNA will have had the training to be able to console the family and friends in the best way possible as well as be able to inform the family of any changes that may have occurred.

A certified nursing assistant who chooses to work in a nursing home will work in a few different roles. A nursing home is where the elderly go to spend the rest of their days. Some are near the end while others have many years of life left in them. A CNA will be responsible to make sure all residents of a nursing home are happy and content while they are they. This can be done in a few different ways. The certified nursing assistant can sit with the patients, they can read with the patients or can be fetching the things that patients need such as pillows and blankets.

The duties that a certified nursing assistant can perform will vary from patient to patient and from facility to facility. In a hospital setting, a CNA will spend time working with the families of patients but will have the necessary knowledge to relay information as well as spot any dangers. A CNA in a nursing home will spend more time working directly with the patients doing what is necessary to improve their quality of life. A certified nursing assistant is a huge part of the nursing and medical world because they have the ability to relate both with the patient and the families.