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What is the Easiest Online RN to MSN Program?

In today’s technologically driven world, many students are looking for online education programs. This is especially true for online RN to MSN bridge programs. Once you already are an RN, you may find it is in your best interest to go ahead and get your master’s degree in nursing. The MSN degree can open up a world of promotions, more responsibilities and more money for a nurse so it is easy to see its appeal to many nurses. The trouble comes when trying to get the MSN degree. Nurses work very long and varied hours, so going to traditional school is not always an option. This is where the online education comes in handy.

There are several different online schools that offer online RN to MSN bridge programs:

• University of Phoenix – This online university offers a 15-course RN to MSN program. Depending on how many courses you are able to take at a time, you can get the program finished in as little as two years, but it may take three if you can only take a couple of classes a semester. This program is accredited, which many people find very important.

• Walden University – This online college has different specializations for your MSN degree: Education, Leadership and Management, and Nursing Informatics. There are core classes every student has to take, but then there are different courses each specialization has to take. It takes from two to three years to complete your MSN degree. This program is also accredited.

• South University – This university offers an accelerated RN to MSN degree program. You can just get the general MSN degree or you can specialize in Nurse Educator. This program requires 45 courses so it takes around three years to complete. This program is also accredited.

There are many other online schools that offer the RN to MSN degree, but these three appear to be the best out of them all. Every program looks to be the same in the type of courses the student has to take and the length of time it takes to get the degree tends to be around three years, no matter which school you go to. None of the programs are going to be what one would call easy. No education program worth taking is easy. If it were easy, then I would wonder what was wrong with the program. The point of continuing your education is to be challenged and learn new things to help in your career or to change careers. So, in closing, each of the online RN to MSN programs is as easy as the next as far as course requirements. You just need to find the program that provides the specializations and courses you want to take instead of looking for the easy option.