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What Do Pediatric Nurses Do?

There are many kinds of nurses and there are many kinds of specialties that nurses can be involved in. Every nurse, no matter what their level of schooling and ability, needs to be involved in some sort of specialty. From emergency care to family care to pediatrics, all nurses need to have a place and a specialty they can call their own. One of the more sought after specialties for nurses is pediatrics. Pediatric nurses need to be able to do more than just medicine when it comes to working with kids. Working with kids takes a different kind of person than when dealing with adults.

The main thing that pediatric nurses do is work and relate with children each and every day. To work with children, the nurse needs to be patient with children. A nurse also needs to be tolerant with children and the nurse needs to have a certain love for children. Children scare easily especially when they have something wrong with them. A nurse will have the tough job of calming the child throughout the length of their treatment as well as helping and assisting the physicians with the treatments they use on the patients.

Pediatric nurses are able to perform some tasks on their own. The main tasks that pediatric nurses can do are maintenance care. They are able to do developmental screenings. Pediatric nurses are able to measure height, weight and other measures that are involved with a child’s growth and development. These are recorded in the chart for the doctor to look at later on. Pediatric nurses can also collect and assist with collecting lab samples. The types of samples that are collected will vary from patient to patient but pediatric nurses are able to assist with it all.

Pediatrics is tough and challenging as well as demanding specialty and the pediatric nurses who work with all of the children have a gift. These nurses work with children every day and they are the ones who the children deal with the most and the nurses are directly involved in keeping the children calm and happy. To be a pediatric nurse, schooling will be involved. The more schooling a nurse has, the more tasks that a pediatric nurse will be able to do. Children can be tough to work with and the nurses who work with them are good at what they do. Children can be tough but pediatric nurses make it look easy.