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What is a Clinical Nurse Specialist?

Once you have been working as a nurse for several years, you may think about ways in which you can advance in your career. There are many ways in which you can advance in your nursing career. You can seek supervisory positions, administrative positions or seek out different nursing specializations to concentrate on. Another way to advance your nursing career is to become a clinical nurse specialist. A clinical nurse specialist is considered to be an advanced practice nurse. The Clinical nurse specialist can specialize in many different areas of health: diabetes, cardiovascular health, nuclear medicine, neonatal nursing, etc. The sky is really the limit when it comes to things a clinical nurse specialist can specialize in.

In order to become a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse has to earn some sort of advanced education degree. Many nurses just get a master’s degree and then certification in the specialization(s) of their choice. However, many go so far as to get a doctorate degree in nursing. This enables the clinical nurse specialist to do more and enables them to teach at a much more advanced level. There is a lot of money in working as a clinical nurse specialist. The more education you have, the better off you will be in your clinical nurse specialist career.

The clinical nurse specialist sees much more complex issues and cases than the regular registered nurse sees on a daily basis throughout the course of their job. Many times, when a patient’s condition remains a mystery, they will call in professionals like a clinical nurse specialist in order to see if they can pinpoint what is causing the patient’s issues. The clinical nurse specialist is not more important than a regular RN, but they do have more responsibilities and are desirable on the job market.

In order to be a successful clinical nurse specialist, you have to have a passion for nursing, patient care and healthcare in general. You also need to have a passion for the areas of health that your specializations are in. Your knowledge and experience as a clinical nurse specialist is valued heavily in the healthcare community and you will work long and hard to get to that position. It will only be worth it if you want to be a clinical nurse specialist because of your passion for the field and not just because you want to get paid more. Of course, money is important, but in nursing the most important thing is patient care.