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What Business Can a Nurse Own Other Than a Staffing Agency?

The field of nursing is a vast and growing field. There are hospitals, medical clinics, medical offices and nursing homes where nurses can work. While there are plenty of opportunities for nurses to work and grow in any of these facilities, not all nurses want to work for someone one and be on their schedule. Some nurses want to branch out, work for themselves and really take charge of their careers. There are many ways that a nurse is able to do this. Some of the ideas are creative and have the nurse thinking outside of the box.

A staffing agency is the most common way that nurses branch out on their own. They find different opportunities for other nurses. For nurses who do not want to find positions for other nurses but yet still want to be active in the nursing field, there are ways this can be done. The first one is for the nurse to provide care for patients in their homes. The nurse would go to their homes, check on the patients and administer care if needed. This route allows the nurse to still be in the nursing field but working for themselves.

A second option is to teach classes to clients. Most nurses have a specialty and an area they have much knowledge and experience in. A nurse could teach classes in their field of expertise and educate the public. An OB nurse could teach courses on breastfeeding or infant care. A cardiac nurse could teach courses on how the heart works. A family practice nurse could teach courses on family planning and prevention. By teaching courses, nurses have the opportunity to stay current in their field by doing the necessary research and planning but yet being able to work on their own schedule.

A final way that a nurse can have a business for themselves is by becoming a certified legal nurse consultant. A certified legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who has many years of experience. These nurses work with legal firms and professionals and help them to make sense of and understand medical records. Lawyers are not trained in the medical field and by having the assistance of a legal nurse consultant, they will be able to better prepare for their case. There are many things a nurse can do outside of the traditional medical setting and still make a good living.