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What is a Bonded Nurse?

Nurses are sworn to protect the health and welfare of their patients and to do what is right for them. Nurses also need to consider protecting themselves and they can do that by becoming bonded. This is especially important for nurses who work in home health care and are frequent visitors to patient’s homes where they will often be going alone. By becoming bonded, it protects nurses against any liability or accusations that come their way.

In some situations, it is required by the state the nurse is working in whether or not they should be bonded. Other times, it is required by the agency or facility that hired the nurse that they be bonded. If a nurse is bonded, it protects them and the agency they are working for should the patient they are working with come to harm during the course of the treatment. Bonding is sometimes compared to reverse insurance. It protects people in the cases of something not happening, like a delivery that is not delivered because it is stolen or lost or if a patient is sickened or injured while receiving treatment.

Becoming bonded is a fairly simple process. There are various insurance companies that offer bonds to professional individuals. It is in the nurse’s best interest to comparison shop among different offered bonds to make sure they are receiving the best rate and terms possible. Once a bond has been decided on the nurse just has to follow an easy process to become a bonded professional.

The first step to becoming bonded is to do the comparison shopping for the bonds. Keep a list of the contacted agencies, their rates and policies and other details of the bond so it is easier to compare the bonds side by side. Once a bond has been chosen, the nurse needs to fill out an application to secure the bonding. It is important to have all the correct personal information when filling out the application but this is true of all application processes. It is also important to know the obligee’s information. The bond application requires that the applicant include the information of the organization or person that requires the nurse to have the bond. In most cases this is the state or federal government but it can also be their employing agency or hospital. The applicant also needs their financial information, like their salary and personal financial statement. The nurse should be informed of their credit score as it could be important when getting approved for the bond.