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Take Your Career to the Next Level with an Online Doctoral Nursing Program

With online doctoral nursing programs you can easily take your career to the next level. Careers at this level of education are going to demand much more time and effort but they are a worthwhile investment. Over the next decade, it is expected that there will be a significant increase in the demand for this particular type of professional which is what makes it such a great educational path for people today. Doctoral nursing programs can prepare people for careers in clinical research, advanced practice and administrative positions throughout various healthcare facilities.

Online doctoral nursing programs focus on providing training to students in areas like research methods, leadership development, philosophy and history of nursing as a science and other practices that they may need to learn for their future careers. These programs typically require 3-5 years of study that is full-time and year-round for the most part. These advanced programs are only for the most committed and motivated professionals. Keeping up with these intense programs are hard enough in traditional classrooms. When you take these programs online, it requires a whole new level of commitment for every person wanting to succeed.

There are six types of programs that you can choose from when you are searching for online doctoral nursing programs:

  • ND, or Doctor of Nursing, usually for the advanced practice nurse
  • DNP, or Doctor of Nursing Practice, typically for leadership and management positions
  • DNSc, or Doctor of Nursing Science, for leadership roles in research and science areas
  • PhD, or Doctor of Nursing Philosophy, for scholarly research and theory careers
  • MSN/PhD Dual Degrees, for those who want to obtain both degrees faster
  • Accelerated BSN to PhD Studies, for students who intend to teach or research in nursing and want a faster education

You can see from the list above that there are plenty of options when you are trying to figure out which online doctoral nursing programs will best suit your specific needs. You should always research the different degrees offered to see which will best give you the education required for the career that you have in mind as each degree path is different. If you are not sure which program you are interested in, take the time to learn more about them so you can find the right one. You can get on the fast track to career success with online doctoral programs if you know what you want and where you can find it.