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Research and Explore with an Online PhD in Nursing

If you are thinking about beginning a career in nursing or if you are a nurse, you already know that nursing is a wide ranging and varied field with many different opportunities available. For many people who are unfamiliar with nursing it might seem that a nurse is nothing more than a doctor’s assistant. Those in the field realize that this is simply not true. As a matter of fact, this describes only one very specific type of nurse and does not acknowledge the many other kinds of nurses who are active and essential part of the healthcare field today. If you have chosen to read this article then it is probably because you are passionate about nursing and you are ready to take your passion to a new level. This reason alone is why many nurses decide to pursue a PhD in nursing online.

For those who have never met anyone with an online PhD in nursing, this might seem like an odd degree to pursue. To begin with, aren’t nurses all about practical application? When you are training to become a nurse you may spend time in a classroom but aren’t you supposed to apply that knowledge to a real world context? How does this PhD program play into the equation? The thing to realize is that many of the practices, theories, methods and policies you follow as a nurse were developed by nursing researchers and policy makers with many having received PhD degrees. You might want to think back to the nursing professors you have had in the past. There is a very good chance that many of them had PhD degrees.

If you are trying to figure out if you are right for the PhD in nursing online degree, you should first think about your interests. As in most cases, if the prospect of doing the necessary work does not excite you then you probably should follow a different educational path. If you are interested in extensive specialized research, writing on essential topics, teaching others who are training to become nurses and even effecting policy and practice from a high profile level then you are the kind of person who should seriously consider the PhD track. You should probably enter the program with a topic or issue that you wish to study. This will help you bring your experience and knowledge to the table and work with an advisor to complete your dissertation.

The reason that the PhD in nursing online is preferable to the conventional on-campus program is that the online format will allow you to work fulltime while you complete your dissertation. If you are already a practicing nurse then you will be able to incorporate your work experiences into your studies.